Kidney School is a unique website which has been developed by nephrology trainees

We aim to provide:

  • information regarding nephrology training to both basic and advanced trainees (Training)
  • a calendar of upcoming meetings, events and deadlines (Diary)
  • access to slides from recent renal presentations, including the popular, monthly Kidney School webcast programme (Downloads)
  • links to useful renal resources, including specialty societies, clinical guidelines and renal atlases (Links and Resources)
  • a forum for basic and advanced trainees throughout Australia and New Zealand to interact, such as on clinical issues, employment, research opportunities and training (Noticeboard)

Why train as a nephrologist?

A career in renal medicine provides a wealth of rewarding and challenging experiences in a specialty which is highly regarded among your peers. Clinical challenges may be wide and varied, including glomerulonephritis, vasculitis, transplantation, acute and chronic kidney disease, dialysis, and pregnancy-related kidney diseases, to name a few. Interventional nephrology is becoming increasingly popular with some nephrologists performing renal ultrasound, peritoneoscopic insertion of PD catheters and vascular access fistulogram / thrombectomy / angioplasty.   Opportunities abound to pursue clinical, academic, research or primary / preventative health care aspects of renal disease. Flexible work-place arrangements (full-time, part-time, public, university and private sector) are encouraged and supported, often in the absence of postgraduate research experience.

Rural Training

Rural renal training offers experience far beyond the scope of large academic centres. Download our Rural Nephrology Training flyer for more information.